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Aurora Lighting 

Transform your event using our Aurora Lighting options, from disco to techno, ballroom or full out party mode, the mood will change depending on your lighting choice. We have options for all occasions, room sizes and even outdoor night lighting. Lights that change to the beat of the music, spotlights and colours to suit any decor, you and your guests will be dazzled by the lights we offer. 

Check out our options below and don't forget to pair them with our other products for the best deals!

 *Plus We deliver and set up all of our amazing products ready for your special occasion so call us today and lets get this party started! 

Smoke Machine

Remote Controlled 

180mm 50watt Strobe Light

This disco light is music activated with adjustable speed settings

50 Watt Light Splash

2 Music Activated Multi Colour Flower Effect lights

6 Way LED Light Box

This group of 6 LED disco lights flash in turn, automatically, adjustable speed and can follow the rhythm of the music that is playing

Gladiator Multipoint Red & Green Laser Light

This extremely bright laser shoots out more than 500 beams in a multipoint effect. It functions by sound activation and also has an auto mode

DJ Banks 

Sound Activated, Fully Automatic settings quadcolour lighting

300mm Mirror Ball

Comes with Spin motor and two x 30 watt Pin Spot Lights

3 Way LED Light Box

Group of 3 LED disco party lights can flash in turn, automatically, at adjustable speeds or to the rhythm of the music

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