Chocolate Fountain Hire 

Family eating chocolate from a chocolate fountain

 Who Loves Chocolate!
Delight Guests with an Aurora Chocolate Fountain Hire

Want to make your special occasion more elegant and memorable?

A Chocolate Fountain is a magnificent way to make a lasting impression on your guests! Perfect for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, Children's Birthdays & anniversaries, our Chocolate Fountain’s will be the “hit” at any and all of your special occasions. 

Belgian Chocolate is used in our fountains as we feel you deserve the best! Our decadent chocolate is available in milk, dark and white. Imagine rich, warm chocolate cascading over these tiered beauties. The possibilities are endless! 

Our reputation is built on our friendly, accommodating and reliable service that is second-to none! We believe in going the extra mile to make your experience with Aurora a great one! We personalize your experience to suit you and take pride in playing a special role in your event!

Delight your Guests with the Finest Belgian Chocolate taste.

Crafted in one of Belgium’s oldest cocoa roasteries and made from the best, sustainable cocoa beans of West Africa, Callebaut’s Finest Belgian Chocolate is here for you. To surprise you with world class workablity and to spoil the taste buds of your ghuests with the chocolate taste they love so much. Maybe that’s why it’s many chefs n°1 preferred chocolate.

Callebaut Chocolate

We Only Use The Best Machines In The World

Sephra is recognized as the premier chocolate fountain brand around the world. Since there inception in 2003, Sephra has been the innovator in creating superior commercial chocolate fountains, chocolate fountains for home use and extraordinary, delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains, which flows perfectly every time. Sephra holds four US and international patents on its chocolate fountain innovations. Our commercial chocolate fountains are the only ones in the world which have been sanitation and electrically certified and comply with state health department codes for use in commercial food establishment settings. We have three sizes of commercial chocolate fountains. These unique and decorative chocolate fountains serve from to 25 to 150 guests without adding more chocolate.

Recommended for
  • Weddings

  • Engagements

  • Birthdays

  • Christenings

  • Corporate Functions,

  • Promotional Events

Sephra Chocolate Fountain Machine

50cm Tall 3 Tier

25-40 Person Pkg

  • 1 x Sephra Chocolate Fountain Hire

  • 1.5 kg Belgian Chocolate

  • 1 kg Marshmallows

  • 100 Napkins & Skewers

  • Free Delivery And Pick Up

$175.00 Overnight

Inc del & p/u

Chocolate Fountain Rental
Chocolate Strawberries
Sephra Chocolate Fountain Machine

62cm Tall 4 Tier

50-75 Person Pkg

  • 1 x Sephra Chocolate Fountain Hire

  • 2.5 kg Belgian Chocolate

  • 1.5 kg Marshmallows

  • 100 Napkins & Skewers

  • Free Delivery And Pick Up

$195.00 Overnight

Inc del & p/u

Try Dipping..
  • Marshmallows

  • Strawberries

  • Bannanas

  • Wafer Biscuits

  • A Variety of Seasonal Fruits

Sephra Chocolate Fountain Machine

70cm Tall 4 Tier

75-150 Person Pkg

  • 1 x Sephra Chocolate Fountain Hire

  • 5 kg Belgian Chocolate

  • 2 kg Marshmallows

  • 100 Napkins & Skewers

  • Free Delivery And Pick Up

$265.00 Overnight

Inc del & p/u

*Free Delivery and Pick Up Sydney     Conditions Apply

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